Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

The people on my team for the music video are Malie Osakoda, Brody Smith, and Megan Taogoshi. The goal for this project is to 'with your highest level of creativity, showcase what you have learned this year in a music video that is edited to the beat cutting between lip syncing & your song’s storyline with quickly changing shot types, camera movement & visual effects & color enhancements'. We also need to make sure the song was appropriate and all of our teammates needed to appear on camera at least once. We chose the song Sweatshirt, by Jacob Sartorious because we thought it would be funny and fun to make. We made sure everyone on our team agreed with that song then we told Mr. Sanderl who then approved it. Brody will be the main lip synch and Malie, Megan, and I were showed on camera at least once.

Our storyline is basically what the song talks about but funnier. It's about Brody who has this sweatshirt, and he loves it so much. It's his favorite sweatshirt and he always wears it. One day he meets up with his friend and wears his sweatshirt. He sits the sweatshirt down and goes walking with his friend. When he comes back his sweatshirt is gone and he can't find it anywhere, so he starts to cry. He has to just go through the days (to school, etc.) without his sweatshirt. He's so sad he lost his sweatshirt, but then he sees it on someones shoulder (Me). He then violently grabs the sweatshirt and casually walks away. In the end he's singing to his sweatshirt and then he walks into the sunset with his favorite sweatshirt.

I think that this MV project showcases most of my best work.We started to rush, so we didn't really have a storyline and mostly just lip syncing. I think it also showed some of my stress due to rushing in some scenes. I think I could do he work, but my team sometimes doesn't meet with me/us. My team has also been getting sick so we can never accomplish the work we need. I feel like were not working hard enough but that maybe we'll just get by with what we have, but I think if my team were more committed we would've gotten way more done. In this project i've used tools/skills I learned from previous projects (Poly portraits, our movie trailer, our animation project, and our nature video). I now know that there should always be a 'wide, medium, and close' shot in all scenes, and that there are certain angles that make the film/project more interesting. I also learned that if there is lip synch, you need to pay close attention to it and make sure it matches. I have also combined a lot of skills I learned over the year while making our band poster for our music video. I used cutouts, color balances, and curves/exposure to make sure my band poster was my best work.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Our goal for this project is to plan and produce a 90-120 second fictitious movie trailer that captivates your audience without giving away the ending. Commit to a dramatic voice actor who can vibrantly hint at why your movie is a critically acclaimed "Must See". Include an original movie poster and provide your audience with the highest level of production value so their eyes and ears stay glued to the screen! For our project me and my team (Lilli, Moira, and Brody) decided to do a mystery movie trailer called 'Outcast'. It's about a shy girl who lives her life in a never ending cycle, and then one day is known as missing. Her brother, detective, and an old friend/classmate go on a journey to find her and unravel the strange mystery of Ellie Haze (the missing girl), OUTCAST. The roll of Ellie Haze the girl that goes missing is played by Lilli. Brody is the brother, Moira is the detective, and I play the part of the old friend/classmate, as well as the VA (voice actor).

One of our biggest challenges was meeting up, and making sure everyone showed up. Sometimes the time got a little mixed up, but we successfully met up at least once all together (so far). One of our successes was managing our time. We had some pretty responsible teammates and we got a lot done in our highest quality work. We planned to meet up and we made it happen. The two times we met up (so far) went really well and we got a lot done. Another challenge was practicing and making sure we got everyones opinion. We didn't have a lot of time to practice and make sure that every member of our team agreed with our work because we had two of us working on the movie poster and the other two working on editing in Final Cut Pro. Another strength we had was turning work in on time. When the movie poster deadline was due (he then extended it) we turned in our first poster and got an extra credit because of the extended deadline, and hope to turn in another for two extra points. I think we're on the right track to a good enough quality trailer.

I think we did an overall good job on our trailer and we received pretty good grades. We received all meets requirements and above and beyonds without any blue/room for improvement grading! We put a lot of time and effort into this trailer and I learned that we all need to contribute and help our team, because if we don't nothing will get accomplished and it would most likely be low quality work. We worked together really well and our movie trailer turned out to be second best voted in our class!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

For this next project we will be doing a type of animation. This type of animation is a type called metamorphosis animation, or otherwise known as making one object/subject change into another object/subject. We will be following a project rubric and we will team up in pairs of three as our animation teams. Before we start our final project we will pick to ideas for our animation, make a presentation stating clearly what each idea will do and look like, then we will have our class decide between the two ideas. We will then complete our production plan and storyboard, then create/make a one to two minute animation of the idea our class voted on, completed with a custom soundtrack.

Our animation focus statement is 'Caterpillar Grows Independence'. The first scene begins with a sad caterpillar named Olivia who thinks she is ugly and no one likes her. She is being insulted/bullied by two butterflies and they make her feel the way she feels. The next scene (shot 2) Olivia is running away from the bullies when she sees a unique looking bug named Jake. She sees him talking and having fun with his friends, she notices that he's different like her but his friends just treat him like he's just like them and not any different. Jake later sees her looking really sad and asks her why. They talk about how Olivia gets teased for being different and that she feels like she doesn't love herself. Her sadness raps around her forming a cocoon as Jake continues to talk to her about how he's different to and has friends who accept him. She realizes she has made new friends (Jake/Joshua/Jacob) who accept her for who she is and comes out of her cocoon. She still comes out as a unique butterfly similar to her former self but doesn't care because she knows she and her new friends accept her for who she is. The moral of the story is to be true to yourself and don't change because of what others might have said.

In conclusion, we received a 3/4 as our grade. I think we deserve our grade because the quality of our animation seemed kind of rushed and not quite a 4. I think we could have managed our time a little better and not slacked off as much, but our overall project was a pretty solid 3. I also think we could have turned the music down a little quieter when they were talking and maybe of realized the time we had to finish this with good quality, but instead we kinda did things last minute so things looked rushed in some sort. I think our projects message was clear (What anyone says doesn't define you) and our story made sense to people who haven't watched it before. Maybe we could have communicated better, like what our animations looked like so the characters/background of each scene didn't look so different. Our animation may not have been a 4, but I think it was a pretty solid 3.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I think facial expressions are pretty much universal in most places around the world. However, certain expressions can mean something else in other places. For example, if you are happy in Hawaii, you would smile. If you were happy in California you would still smile. Facial expressions are used to express what we are feeling and don't usually change no matter where we are. We are born with certain facial expressions which are mainly universal. These expressions are happiness, disgust, anger, sadness, fear, and surprise. Other types of facial expressions may not be expressed the same way in other places around the world.

The first thing we did in this project was take a picture of only our faces  in photo booth. Then we copied that picture into photo shop. After we did that we watched a demo video on how to get started on the project. We then put a grid and aligned our faces in the middle. The video then told us to take a red line (5 pixel color ff000) and traced our outline of our face with the line, making sure that we connected each starting and ending point of the line to a horizontal or vertical line. Then we merged all the lines we did for our outline together and then renamed the folder 'Outline'. Next step: We started working on lining up our hair. Once we were done with that we merged then did our nose, lips, eyes and merged them like before. Once we had finished drawing the triangles in all of those folders we merged all of the folders together into one whole folder. After that we used the polygonal lasso tool and outlined all the triangles we made. Last we added finishing touches and duplicated our layer then flipped it to the other side, changed the red triangle lines to white lines, and were finished!

The Poly-1 and Poly-2 files were very similar but yet very different. we also did an easy and quick low poly (left) that was quick but in a very low quality. The Poly-1 and Poly-2 of mine are similar because they both have like a bazillion triangles, they are both a type of low poly, and they were both stressful and time consuming (soooo many triangles).Next, they are different because for the Poly-1 we needed to do an outline and fill in all the triangles we had drawn, and for the Poly-2 we just filled in the triangles right there with no outline and just a grid to guide us. They are also different because in the Poly-2 we used a new tool called the eyedropper tool and used that to get the color instead of Filter<Artistic<Blur or command+B. They were also different because we did these type of special effects in the Poly-2, with the color background and lightening and darkening the face of our subject, but we didn't do that in the Poly-1. these projects were very challenging but I feel like I did ok in them. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature impacts my everyday life. The grass I walk on, the fruits and vegetables, meats and grains I eat and the waters I swim in are all a part of nature in my life. Without nature I would have no idea what the world would even look like. Nature surrounds and provides us with so many things this is how I interact with nature:I interact with nature by going swimming at Loop Rd. and other rivers. I also go to the beach a lot and sometimes hiking (usually Kealia beach and Sleeping Giant). I wake up to an ocean view every morning and I like to play outside in my yard with all my cousins. I have a mountain apple tree in my yard and when they are ripe I like to eat them. I also eat meat from cows, pigs, fish, as well as fruits and vegetables.Nature impacts me in many huge ways.

I think timelapses and slow-mos are created by slowing and speeding up the particular video you are taking for a slow-mo or time lapse. In cameras when you take timelapses or slow-mos they don't usually have an area that automatically speeds up or slows down the video by itself. Then you would have to take the video clip you took and edit it to speed it up or slow it down . But if you took a slow-mo or a time lapse on an iphone or another smart phone it will already have the time lapse and slow-mo already installed on your camera. So all you have to do is select the type of edit you want and take the video.

I think the hardest part of taking slow-mos and timelapses is finding the right spot to steady the camera so it won't shake. And also to take it at the right time of day. I liked how the videos turned out once I edited them but I think I could have steadied the camera better. I also think that it was kinda hard to remember to include all the details he told us in class, like making the horizon line straight and making sure I include 2/3 sky and 1/3 foreground. What I thought was the best thing about it was editing it in FCPX ( Final Cut Pro X). I like speeding up and slowing down the clips for SM's and TL's. I also like to make effects (fading only) and adding in the texts. The last thing I liked was being able to put sound into my videos and being able to hear my own voice while watching the SM's and TL's one by one.

Critique Reflection:
I agree that I should get a 2 (or developing) because I have it completed but some of my videos lack quality and are a little shaky. I also had to use a school video because one of my videos were to shaky and blurry. I feel like I could've done a little better than a 2 and next time I will be sure that it is my best quality work and try to aim for a 3 (accomplished). Another thing is I will do is be prepared and not rush at the last minute to get my TL's and SM's done for better quality. Last I will also try to come in at recesses and try to do some work for my next upcoming projects and research ideas if I need any help.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

I think poetry is the thought or feelings of someone or something that is put into writing. Poetry is something that can come in many different forms of writing. Poetry can rhyme, be acrostic, be a haiku, and more. Poetry is an art form. Poems can be personal in many different ways. One of the ways that poems can be personal is when the poet puts personal and emotional words into the poems. Another way poems are personal is when the poet puts thought into their words. The last way I think poems can be personal is if it is about a loved one that might have passed away or moved away.

  I can accomplish achieve and believe in my  greatest goals,
  Believing I can become a scientist and find a new species,
        Trying new things along my way having a day where I will get my say,
Practicing soccer week in and week out even when I have my doubts,
Life is like a roller coaster it twists you around so try not to fall on the ground.

I used rhyme by looking up words I wanted to rhyme up on a site called "Rhymezone". I wanted some of my words to rhyme because I think it adds more feeling to the poem. I used rhythm by blending in some of the words in my poem. Last I used rhyme and rhythm in my poem because I think it makes the poem more interesting to read or listen to.